Steel structure and Pre-engineering

Steel structure is a type of construction that uses steel components to create a building or structure. Steel structures are designed and fabricated to provide a durable, cost-effective, and sustainable solution for a wide range of construction projects.
Steel structures are known for their strength, durability, and versatility. They can be used for a variety of applications, including industrial, commercial, residential, and institutional buildings. Steel structures are commonly used for large-scale projects, such as high-rise buildings, bridges, and stadiums, as they can support heavy loads and withstand extreme weather conditions.
At Jibreel factories, the process of constructing a steel structure involves designing the building or structure to meet the specific requirements of the project, including the size, shape, and intended use. Steel components, such as beams, columns, and trusses, are then fabricated in our factories in Riyadh and transported to the construction site, where they are assembled using welding and bolting techniques.
Steel structures offer several advantages over traditional building materials such as concrete and wood. They are lighter, stronger, and more durable, making them easier to transport, erect, and maintain. Steel structures are also more resistant to fire, insects, and rot, making them a safer and more sustainable option for construction projects.
One of the main advantages of pre-engineered steel buildings is their speed of construction. Since the building components are manufactured in Jibreel Factories, they can be produced quickly and with a high degree of precision. This means that the building can be assembled on-site much faster than traditional construction methods. Additionally, pre-engineered steel buildings are often more cost-effective than traditional construction methods. Another advantage of pre-engineered steel buildings is their durability. Steel is a strong and resilient material that can withstand extreme weather conditions and other hazards.


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