Metal Deck – galvanized corrugated sheets:

Metal deck corrugated sheets are a type of roofing or flooring material that consists of a corrugated metal sheet supported by a steel deck or joist system. These sheets are made from a variety of materials such as steel and Galvanized steel.

The steel deck provides structural support for the metal deck corrugated sheets and helps distribute weight evenly across the surface. The corrugated sheet design provides additional rigidity and strength, making the overall system more durable and resistant to impact and weather-related damage.

Metal deck corrugated sheets provide several advantages, including:

Structural support: The steel deck or joist system provides a stable, durable platform for the corrugated metal sheets.

Fire resistance: Metal deck corrugated sheets are often treated with fire-resistant coatings or materials, making them a safer option for buildings that require high levels of fire protection.

Weather resistance: The corrugated sheet design of the metal deck provides additional resistance to impact and weather-related damage, making the overall system more resilient in harsh environments.

Easy installation: Metal deck corrugated sheets are often designed to be easy to install, reducing the time and labor required to install the roofing or flooring system.

Metal deck corrugated sheets are commonly used in a variety of applications, including commercial and industrial buildings, parking garages, and other structures that require durable, weather-resistant roofing or flooring systems. They are often used in combination with insulation and other materials to create energy-efficient, high-performance building envelopes.


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